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Learn to embrace your lust and desire as divine clues leading you on a path toward freedom, wholeness, and a more fully integrated life.

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Become the tender lover your wife needs, the fierce warrior your family deserves, and the bold leader your community needs.

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Discover the scandalous love and extravagant grace of God, and the hope of miraculous redemption in the midst of your darkest shame .

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Isn’t it time to get unstuck from your past and start thriving in your present?

Most men’s groups are too polite, too religious, or too superficial. You hang out with some guys, share your "brokenness" and feel a little better, but ultimately nothing changes. They don’t offer effective help to actually move into something new. Nowhere can you be fully seen and known where it’s safe to express your fears, feelings, or failings without guys trying to fix you or give you advice. If you let other men into your inner world, you risk judgment, condemnation, or mere politeness, but no transformative engagement.

Sadly, church men’s groups don’t build the level of trust and comradery like men in foxholes during a firefight because they never move from the sanctuary of mask-wearing to the actual battle ground of vulnerability. Examining our life, our past, and our wounds reveals our path to healing, but most never move beyond that into meaningful change because the price feels too high. Maybe you’ve been there, surrounded by good men, but feeling disconnected and alone. There is a better way, and we can show you now.

  • Discover the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of Father God your heart craves in a safe community with other broken men.
  • Cultivate the MASCULINE COURAGE hidden within you to sacrificially fight for and serve all those you love.
  • Find the LIBERATING FREEDOM you long for from the shame and bondage of unwanted sexual struggles.
  • Learn the POWERFUL TRUTH about your unique, authentic self that frees you to live with honor and integrity.

There Is A Better Way

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This isn’t my Job… It’s my Passion.

My story is broken and dark. I am familiar with the struggles so many men face, and am grateful to be on a path of healing and wholeness in each one. The path is not a turn-key or just flip-a-switch easy answer. It’s a process that takes courage, time, and a willingness to wade into the shit we’ve been trying to avoid in order to uncover the divine truth woven into our DNA as men.

You and I are men after God’s own heart. We are called out of our fear and hiding to more. Called to love more, lead more, to dive more deeply into passionate intimacy with the woman in our life, and to cultivate true fellowship with brothers who want to fight in the foxhole beside us.

Are you that man—one who’s done with passive pew-sitting hearing about how to behave better, and like a wild stallion meant for battle ready to risk humble action and do the work to reclaim your place as Abba’s Child*, Warrior, and Beloved Son? That’s my tattoo, and that’s my passion.

*  Abba's Child reminds me I am a son of God the Father, and comes from my favorite book of the same name by Brennan Manning. You can hear him unpack it himself here.

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